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Our next generation document processing engine uses machine learning algorithms to extract data from your documents. Much of this data is hidden and locked away in both paper and electronic forms. Semantik uncovers this information, providing the critical intelligence that has been missing from your reporting.

AP departments and organizations across the globe use Semantik to automate their workflows end-to-end. Born in the cloud and easy to implement, our performance and accuracy is unmatched in the market.

Flexible Workflow Integration

Semantik runs in the cloud and works with any iPaaS platform or RPA system. Our simple APIs will also work with any custom workflow tools you may be using.

Automation applications can upload, download, update and monitor invoice processing with quick configuration and well documented endpoints. Read more here: Semantik Invoice Processing APIs

Up and Running in Minutes.
No Configuration.

Day Zero Accuracy

Pre-trained models give you immediate results.

We train our models on tens of thousands of invoices so that you can extract fields, find tables, map line items, identify vendors, rotate and de-skew documents and more with no training and without setting up a single rule.

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Automatic Vendor

Stay up to date with the latest information across your systems.

Your vendor master file can be updated nightly, hourly, etc. with Semantik so that you stay up to date with any newly created vendors in your ERP system.

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Connectors integrate with 400+ enterprise systems and applications.

Whether you have your own integration tool or leverage others (such as Workato or Microsoft Power Automate), our webhook integrations and pre-built connectors will empower your users.

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Trusted by our clients

Alison Clay
AP Manager

“The best part about using Semantik Invoice is that it frees me up to work on higher-level projects and smarter work. Now that I’m not bogged down with tedious tasks, I can focus on projects that both challenge me and impact the entire company."

Nathaniel Bogaty
Director of Business Processes, Oakmont Bakery, PA

"We’re so happy with our choice using Semantik Invoice. Not only was it easy to set up, but it saves me so much time!"

Brad Gerritsen
AP Coordinator, Honda Logistics

"The solution has freed up our time by transforming data entry roles into more managerial roles. We can now quickly answer vendor questions, track invoices and monitor cash flow."

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